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Asher To The Yatzar is a campaign to inspire Klal Yisroel to appreciate the wonders and inner- workings of the human body.


‘Asher’ refers to praise, and ‘Yatzar’ is in regards to the Creator of the world. Hence the motto; “Praise to the Creator.”

Thus, using the words of the bracha to bring a whole new perspective and meaning to this most powerful blessing that we express so many times daily.


It was founded by Yossi Hecht in the summer of 2019 with the guidance of Rabbi Dov Keilson, Mashgiach of Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway. After Yossi was recovering from spinal-cord tumor surgeries, he urged his nation to say Asher Yatzar with greater alacrity and focus.


The core message of this campaign is to be mindful of all the good that we have. Primarily, the fact that we have functioning and healthy bodies that can serve the Creator.



Grateful Warriors | Yehuda Blonder - A rare condition, a rare person | Yossi Hecht | TYH Nation

Grateful Warriors | Yehuda Blonder - A rare condition, a rare person | Yossi Hecht | TYH Nation

TYH Nation Presents Grateful Warriors Hosted by Yossi Hecht Episode 3 Hashem is always in "front" of us Yehudah Blonder ------- Listen one Apple Podcast: Listen on Spotify: ------- Welcome back to Episode 3 of Grateful Warriors! Today, we're lucky to have Yehudah Leib. Not only does Yehuda Leib live with the mantra of "Thank you Hashem" at the forefront of his life, but the TYH team is lucky to have him as part of the Chevra! The youngest of 11, Yehuda Leib was born with a rare Jewish genetic disease called familial dysautonomia, with only 350 people in the entire world who have it. Be inspired as Yehudah Leib shares with us his unique challenges and the way he talks about it. ‘Thank you Hashem,’ and ‘Hashem gave me’ are just a few of the phrases that are found in his speech, and are inspiring for us all! Yehudah shares with us why he is grateful for what He gave him, how it changes him as a person, and what keeps him going every day. His beautiful answer is sure to inspire you. Yehudah Blonder can be reached at (347) 603-0033 VENTUREtech Computer Repair LLC ------------------------ To learn more about Yossi Hecht and his incredible journey & mission: Asset ID: SBA-300554659
Three little words- Avraham Fried & Yossi Hecht - Asher to the Yatzar

Three little words- Avraham Fried & Yossi Hecht - Asher to the Yatzar

We are all faced with challenges that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Even through we understand that it is ultimately for our best, it takes courage and strength.... These “three little words” are testimony to the fact that not only do we understand it is all for the good, we feel it deeply enough to live with gratitude and appreciation to Hashem for all the good that He bestows upon us… Presented by: Asher to the Yatzar For more information or to donate please visit: Music production sponsored by: TYH Media Partner: MKY Celebrating the beauty and joy of being a Yid; the Whatsapp status that elevates and invigorates, sign up at: 1-845-330-3444 Composition and lyrics by: Yitzy Waldner Music produced, arranged and mixed by: Mendy Portnoy Mastered by: Aran Lavi Avraham Fried vocals produced by: Yossi Tyberg Executive Producer: Yossi Hecht Directed by: Moshe Finkelstein/Crunch-time Media Filmed by: Moshe Finkelstein & Jon Edwards Cover art: Yocheved Herzog Featured Musicians: Michel Krohn- Piano Sruli Prero- Acoustic Guitar Motti Olshan- Electric Guitar Aryeh Haller- Drums Production Assistants: Meir Chaimowitz Tzvi Ciner Jacob Friedman Gavriel Paca Mordy Sporn Chaim Lovett Ezra Eliyahu Wedding footage: Naphtali and Avigail Selengut Shlomo and Elisheva Chait Thank you to: R’ Dov Keilson R’ Yoel Gold R’ Tzvi Bloom Yaakov Giniger Moshe Bree Yechiel Schron Aryeh Blumstein Yaakov Josephy Yehuda Neuman Addictive Ads ODR Studios
Life After a Life-threatening Tumor - Yossi Hecht | Inspiration for the Nation Episode 15

Life After a Life-threatening Tumor - Yossi Hecht | Inspiration for the Nation Episode 15

In the summer of 2019, Yossi Hecht’s life was drastically changed. The doctors found a tumor in his spine and he needed a number of surgeries to remove it. One of the repercussions from such invasive surgeries, is that the ability to go to the bathroom can oftentimes be affected. With advice of his Rabbeim, he embarked on a campaign for individuals to have more concentration on the bracha of Asher Yatzar. He saw personal wonders and has therefore made it his mission to try to inspire others to be more thankful. Thus, using the blessing as a conduit to appreciate all of the good bestowed upon us. For more information about Yossi’s organization please visit: * SPONSOR LINK * Jewish tradition teaches that in every generation there are 36 people upon whose kindness and righteousness the very existence of the world depends, but whose identity no one knows - not even the 36 themselves. Justin Hayet scours Israel to find the 36 most wonderful, interesting people doing the most wonderful, interesting things with the aim of discovering what makes Israel such a remarkable source of goodness. Thirty-Six is a production of SoulShop and Bnai Zion. “A wonderful and broad selection of interviewees. Justin conducts his interviews with kindness and respect and draws out those he is speaking with. After each interview, I wish I could meet Justin and his new friends.” • Apple: • Spotify: This episode is in memory of: • Shimon Dovid ben Yaakov Shloima • Miriam Sarah bas Yaakov Moshe Our free call-in-to-listen feature is here: • USA: (712) 432-3489 • UK: 0333-366-0154 • ISRAEL: 079-579-5088 Follow us on social media for more content: • TikTok - • IG - • FB - • LinkedIn - • Website - Have a specific question? email us WhatsApp us feedback and get first access to episodes: 914-222-5513 If you are interested in sponsoring an episode in memory or refuah shilama of a loved one, please send an email to Lchaim. #jewishpodcast #podcast #judaism #inspiration #podcasts #lchaim #Livinglchaim #jewish #yaakovlanger #jacklanger #jewishideas #torah #jewishthought #kosher #israel #jewishleader #hashem #rabbi #shabbat #shabbos #shabbas #kiruv #darchei #yossihecht #avrahamfried #ashertotheyatzar #thankyouhashem
Appreciating Our Bodies - The Heart
Special Message from Rav Altusky
Appreciating our bodies - The Brain
Appreciating our Bodies- The Liver


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Asher to the Yatzar is a non-profit 501c3 organization
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